East of Bethel Christian Center (EOBCC) is a non-denotation church that was founded in 2006 by Pastor James and Kimberly Sheets. The church was created to express the love, commitment, and dedication to the Gospel in regards to reaching lost souls in our communities, workplace, neighborhoods and the entire world.
We are committed to the five-fold ministry, by developing those called into the five-fold ministry. Our express goal is to develop all called into these areas by instructing and teaching, then preparing them to go out with the guidance of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit for the sole purpose of restoring value, purpose, and destiny in those who have been blinded by the works of the enemy.   God said to us at EOBCC, “Be Healthy, Wealthy and Wise and anything less is spiritually uncivilized.”


We have a mandate to ensure that we do not merely exist in these three areas, but reign in these areas so we can effectively cause others to reign in these areas. Our vision is grounded in what God said so prophetically and poetically to us at EOBCC: ” To us, through us, for us … To some, through some for some.”


Welcome to East of Bethel Christian Center. As Disciples of Christ, we’ve been given power and authority…and have been sent to preach the Kingdom of GOD. (Luke 9:1-2)